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LIKE is NOW available for claiming.
If you are ATOM/OSMO holders or Civic Liker before 2021.11.30, you can claim LIKE and participate in LikeCoin governance.

Questions? Ask the community.

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What DePub offers

What DePub offers

LikeCoin is a inter-chain protocol and framework for decentralized publishing. It is an application-specific blockchain for building and bridging media to Web 3.

  • Not your key, not your content

    Always accessible content metadata that guarantees ownership. It makes content easier to retrieve, the same as what gives an NFT its value.

  • LikeCoin DAO

    LikeCoin is a community-owned network where LIKE holders make decisions collectively via liquid democracy. Anyone can publish content, build applications and participate in governance.

  • Publication Tools for Web 3 content

    LikeCoin’s decentralized publication framework (ISCN) can easily integrate with existing media platforms and connect with other blockchains. Ready-to-use tools for creators to produce, manage and own web 3 native content.

Awards & Partners

  • Google News
  • Grant for the Web
  • Cosmos cross chain hackerthon (2nd place)
  • Cosmos HackAtom (Honorable mentions)
  • CAI
  • IPFS
  • Arweave
  • AppWorks Demo Day #18

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